Creating an internet platform to connect Europe and the Middle East in a new and forward looking way

Building cultural bridges is about transforming our mindset of each other as well as engaging with each other in a different way. We want to tell personal stories about topics that matter for us in our daily lives and help us tackle the challenges we are facing in our own cultures. Not what politics and the mass media tell us is important but what we come up with as our major interests.

Additionally, we want to create concrete projects that enable us to co-operate inter culturally and generate mutual benefits.

Think of …

  1. Tourism providing opportunities to join sustainable tours that allow unusual insights into cultures
  2. Arts and its power to open up and build frameworks beyond our normal understanding
  3. Learning and education shaping the foundation of our interactions
  4. Business and organizational projects as a space for working experiences and value creation
  5. The floor is yours …

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