crowdfunding – successful!

What is Crowdfunding?

The idea is simple: Many people (the crowd) fund a common idea, project or start-up venture. They decide to do this because they like the idea and want to support it. As a return, they choose one of the attractive rewards or “thank you’s” as we call them in German.  Accordingly, crowdfunding is a different concept compared to crowd investment or donations.

The crowdfunding campaign will enable us to generate a first version of the platform. This will give us the freedom to find the best people and partners for our stories and the projects. Setting up a platform creates a lot of costs on the technical, content, marketing and design side. Crowdfunding will also provide us with feedback which of our ideas are relevant for the people and if they are being understood.

Our goals – Why do we do it?

Practically speaking, we will ask for financial support. A range of smaller to bigger amounts of contributions will be tied to rewards one gets as a return. These will range from organic dates from a private farm, frankincense or watercolor paintings of Jordan to a special trip discovering the culture with all your senses in Oman.

We offer attractive rewards exemplifying the breadth of eastwest4us. We are aiming at our first funding goal at €6.300.- to bring eastwest4us to life. Our second funding goal at €10.000.- includes an Arabic version, advanced technical features for the community and the first edition of personal stories.

Successfully achieved!

The crowdfunding campaign from June 4th until June 30th was completed successfully. We reached our first funding goal.

Keep me updated on the project. 

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