Attractive Rewards

Find a unique reward – June 4th until June 30th!

You receive attractive rewards ranging from smaller to bigger amounts. All of the rewards are related to the idea of eastwest4us and will provide insights into the other cultures. They include organic dates from a farm in Oman, frankincense, watercolor paintings from Jordan and special tours to experience Oman with all your senses or dive into the female Arabic world.

  • Lena’s favorite Arabic cooking recipes pdf  €15.-
  • Organic dates from the farm in Oman €25.-
  • Arabic Selection: frankinsence, dates und cooking recipes €40.-
  • Watercolor Paintings: Scenes from Jordan in different sizes from €75.- to €300.-
  • Palaver and Dinner with Katja in an Arabic Restaurant in Vienna €90.-
  • Special Tour Focus Women: Experience traditions and modernity of women’s lives in Oman with Katja for 1 week €1500.- (women only)
  • Special Tour Fife Senses: Dive into the culture of Oman with Amur for 1 week €1500.-
  • Anybody who wants to contribute developing the platform is welcome. You will get a special place with your name and/or logo and statement on the Wall of Fame on eastwest4us. Starting with €150.-

All details of the rewards on startnext platform starting now June 4th!
The offerings are limited until June 30th, 2018. More tour program details.