East and West are not opposites – they belong together

You want to travel to a country that you only know from childhood stories? Do camels run around on the streets? You don’t know what kind of products are available in Europe/Middle East? To what extent is art culturally defined? Do the famous oriental gardens really exist? You would like to experience how people live in the desert or in the snow? Is it true that we use Arabic numerals but not the Arabs? Are the Persians brothers and sisters of the Arabs?..?..?..

Europe meets Middle East and vice versa. Stories help us to understand each other better and community spaces facilitate exchange. With projects in tourism, arts, business, education and learning for the future, we will set new standards.

This is an invitation for all people, businesses and institutions that are interested in helping to get the platform started and benefiting from it. We will be successful if we manage to make this a joint project.

Ahlan wa sahlan – Welcome! is an open invitation to all of us.