(Too) many good reasons for eastwest4us

I will focus on only 5 reasons and I would love you to share yours with us.

  1. To be honest, many people asked me why on earth I am starting this project now, when everything seems shifting towards separation and confrontation instead of integration. My point is that especially in times like these, it is important to set signals and try working against this climate of distrust and rejection. And, I am not alone, many people around me are motivated to set actions against certain politics and upcoming hostile opinions. – eastwest4us will serve as a strong voice! 
  2. Europe! In our mythology, Europe was a Phoenician princess. Zeus transformed into the shape of a bull and kidnapped Europe and brought her all the way to Crete. He raped her and she gave birth to two suns. Europe stayed in Greece and her sons likewise had an important role in founding Europe and bringing eastern culture and knowledge to Europe. This was only the first time this kind of thievery happened between our regions and it brought us closer together. One example of this is the introduction of cuneiform writing that was not known in the west before. More thoughts on Europe’s journey (only in German)
  3. Our common roots culturally but also religiously, are based in the Middle East. Jerusalem is the best example for our fights to control our (spiritual) origin. The post-colonialists like Edward Said made the separation of east and west a subject of discussion. In fact, this dynamic serves most of all to build the own identity (Europe). One needs an opposite to find his/her own. East and west are not opposites, they belong together! 
  4. Europe and the Middle East are gathering around the Mediterranean Sea. This is one vast area full of potential. I want to stress the economical interdependence and put the focus on the potential that lies in these regions and its people living and working there with all their competencies. Any talent manager gets highly motivated in raising this potential. Let us make the best out of what we already have – our common markets! 
  5. It is very enlightening to take a look back into the history of science and cultural development. Because in the Middle Ages, we easily find that the Europeans used to be the better copying-paste thieves than the Chinese are accused of today. At times, when Europeans were relying on magic, the Arabs already undertook complicated surgeries and owned comprehensive medical knowledge. There are many more examples of how much we owe to the Arabs and Persians in terms of science and cultural development. This informative video provides a good introduction: